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Here is our setCOCOONING in partnership withArbonne.


Do you knowArbonne?

It is a company that manufactures and sells beauty, personal care and wellness products, as well as nutrition products. Arbonne uses botanical and natural ingredients in its products and focuses on sustainable development and social responsibility.

Arbonne focus on selling quality products.

You can visit their website for more information:


This wonderful set includes:


  •  2 x 9oz scented candles of your choice 
  •  1 x Bubble Bath & Creamy Body Wash (Waterlily Woods 237ml) 
  •  1 x Body Butter with Shea Butter (Waterlily Woods 227g)
  •  1x  Eucalyptus bath salt (Arbonne)
  • 2 x Herbal Tea Pouches (Arbonne)
  •  1 x sachet of ErnergyFizz (Arbonne)


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