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Advent calendar

The 2023 Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for the holiday season.

It includes 24 mini scented candles of 1oz each, giving candle lovers the chance to try 24 of our exclusive fragrances, including our new holiday fragrances.

Each day, a numbered door, ranging from 1 to 24, opens to reveal a small scented candle. These candles come in a variety of 24 different fragrances, each bringing a daily surprise and a unique olfactory experience.

This calendar not only counts down the days until Christmas, it also adds a touch of warmth and fragrance to the ambience of the home during the festive season, making each day a little more special and fragrant.

Limited quantity!

Includes 24 mini candles of 1oz each

Advent calendar

C$95.00 Regular Price
C$85.50Sale Price
  • The Advent calendar will be shipped on November 20

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